I am a recovering fundamentalist, chauvinist, and narcissist. I am a Christian who everyday is waking to a world so beautiful I have to convince myself I am not dreaming. I am a human that is so weary at times all I want to do is sleep, numb and cope. I am a blue collar theologian. I am not nearly as smart as I imagine myself to be, but I do surprise myself and others sometimes. I am an idealist. I am a skeptic. A son. A father. An broken man, and sometimes a surprisingly healthy one. I love and empathize deeply, and I have hurt and damaged profoundly. I eat too much, exercise to little, and still convince myself I am one good looking dude. I am always searching for something, and always wondering if I never will find it, or if I already have.
I am a beautiful conundrum. Just like you.

This page is named to honor the late Brennan Manning, who died on April 12th, 2013. Brennan Manning’s story, message, and heart was a breath of hope to me when I read his first book “Ragamuffin Gospel.” As a hurting 21 year old, the gospel of fundamentalism was the only gospel I had ever heard. Brennan Manning was a spark of hope that perhaps Jesus was something altogether larger and more beautiful to hurting and broken people like me than I had been allowed to imagine. Criticized and labeled a heretic by many, it was the heart and authenticity of this man that freed me to beginning my pursuit of the true nature of Jesus.


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